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But masses know a shit about proper training and full body conditioning workout and its easy to fool them. They know a shit about clean reps and proper form. All they want is entertainment, amusement, distraction... basically to see something really cool and have strong impression that gives them something to talk about. Reps and legs are boring... workout for health is boring...Talking about proper nutrition is boring...
I remember our old workout team visiting public places and schools back in day and performing calisthenics to inspire people to train yet even back than i can memorize that biggest applause from crowd went for most useless and stupid stuff 100% anywhere we came to - often jumps over bar, flips and spins or dynamic momentum basics got biggest attention...
How time went and i watched the game growing i realized where we are by now and how similar is this situation to old parkour X freerunning topic.. Biggest sites on facebook are just sharing little fun vids all the time - witch is very well known facebook trick how to grow likes on your site to big numbers, so you have alot followers from common public because of them just sharing and watching their entertainment and you becoming actually small tv channel. 
But we dont care about this, we care about those, who dont just sit home and watch their entertainment. We care about those who get their ass out and train hard and properly, do something and do it right. Do it for real inner satisfaction, self-expression without lies. Full body training just for you, without any goals or conditions like how well you can perform this trick or that trick for the crowd and how many ovations you can get. 
We will not share bullshit anywhere just to get more common people, we are not TV show or entertainment channel. We are community that inspires by own example to train and workout properly.
We are really in the same situation today. But we are not ready to let real workout die.. like parkour died because of commercial, entertainment and masses. 
We are RAW Workout. That is our way. We do not train for others, we train for ourselves and we want to impress and express ourselves honestly, not others by using their ignorance of workout and interest in entertainment gimmicks. We do workout not circus. We train not showoff. Giving something out is giving out proper inspiration by own example.
Stay tuned. Alot inspiration to come from some great athletes for you... So far the site is only in Czech language but Raw Workout is going worldwide.
follow here and if you want to represent our idea in your country let us know on email - https://www.facebook.com/pages/RAW-Workout/593366184101135?fref=ts
www.adamraw.cz AdamRaw@seznam.cz

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